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Jan Easters Cumber

Jan Easters CumberJan says, “My love of art must have begun around the age of 5 when I wrote my name and drew with a beautiful purple crayon in the big leather bound Family Bible on the coffee table. Even though I thought I did a great job, my parents were not amused and they were even less amused when they discovered I had drawn purple eyebrows on the large portrait of my baby brother, taken when he was about 9 months old. I guess art appreciation is “'in the eye of the beholder'…”

Jan is a working artist, who for a while worked for a major craft company and created art project kits that sold on national television. Through this company she traveled across the USA and abroad while working in the media marketing department.

After many years of working she settled down and started painting again. She has done sets for the Dinner Theatre Group at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia, created stained glass windows for several churches and private schools across Georgia, as well as creating custom windows and hanging pieces for individuals, including a mural 18’ tall and 80’ long on the outside wall of a building.

Her painting and faux stained glass style is more realism with a little abstract thrown in once in a while (“for fun”). With a background in Architecture, she loves to draw and paint buildings. During her off time from painting she develops products, creates designs, and offers technical assistance on the products she has used for many years. She still utilizes her architecture skills by doing a floor plan once in a while or a rendering of a building to showcase improvements before decisions and changes are made.